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Is your child always glued to the TV or the smartphone? Do you want to keep your child productively engaged? Do you want your child to learn skills while they play? Then The Mammy's has the solution for you. We are creating activities for parents to spend quality moments with their little ones connect, teach, and create memories that will last a life time! Turn play time into a learning opportunity with our activity boxes and educational games. The world is moving fast pace and with that parents are focused towards the education and well upbringing of their kids. Education is important and with that play time, entertainment and fun have equal significance for kids. Merging both the needs our activities have been designed to bring sharpness and smartness to kids.

Why choose The Mammy's ?

We create the best life skill activities to Incorporate into Your Child's Daily Routine

Colors, Shapes, Alphabets, writing, and math are the core fundamentals of our activities.

Our creative activities improve fine motor skills, concentration and problem solving.

All our hands-on activities are laminated to repeat and optimise fun for longer use.

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Our new gift-wrapping service makes it easy. Wrapped in beautiful and colorful wrapping paper your gift can be sent to any address you choose.

Simply after check out send us an email with your order number and ask us to wrap the items you have purchased and we will make a perfect gift wrap packing for free !

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