Welcome to The Mammy's!

My name is Alyae, mom of three wonderful girls. After giving birth of my 3rd daughter I was afraid to ignore my eledests because a new born needs more attention.. BUT NO! I got superpower and discovered in me a passion for childhood education and the joy of creating intentional learning opportunities at home. 


What does The Mammy's mean?


Why I have created The Mammy's?

I am passionate about children having opportunities to be creative and as a mum of three kids I felt a need to act and inspire other parents to understand how they can help their children’s development in the early years and create both fun and special moments with them.

I design my own products specifically tied to child developmental goals and I have created a product that requires very little set up and pack up time and includes absolutely everything you need so you can enjoy what's important, spending quality moments with your little ones connecting, teaching, and creating memories that will last a life time!

Children at early age learn through their five senses and their imagination is at it’s peak. I know that Mom’s today are busy and need simple educational activities and ideas. I try my best to create activities that you can easily replicate at home.

My daughters are my product testers. They inspire the magic in me. I love spending time with them, teaching them and encouraging them to reach for their dreams. You can get a glimpse into my life as a mother on my social media accounts, I love creating and sharing memorably moments as a family. and you can see a different side of what being a mother means to me.