Colors & Shapes activity kit - For the little learners- - The mammy's
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Colors & Shapes activity kit - For the little learners-

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    The Mammy's colors and shape activity box is a fun hands-on-learning kit full of educational and engaging learning activities to encourage little minds to explore, learn and create. 

    Patterns, colors sort and tracing are some of the activities you will find in this box to help your child recognise and become familiar with common two dimensional shapes.

    In an exciting and interactive way your toddler will use problem solving skills to match shapes, make their shapes in two dimensional shapes. Toddlers are going to love the shapes counting cards and using imaginative and creativity to play with all the activities included.

    The box comes with all supplies needed, well done stickers, a certificate and a zip bag to put your kids favorite activities and take it out everywhere.

    All activities below are already laminated and cutted apart:

    1- Popsicle geometry (Teaches shapes and building)

    2- Funny shapes (Teaches problem solving and two dimensional shapes)

    3- Color patterns (Teaches colors recognition and  follow a sequencing pattern)

    4- Shape sorting (Teaches sorting and classifications and  language skills)

    5- Shape tracing   (Teaches pre writing, fine motor skills and learning about shapes)

    6- Counting cards ( Teaches recognition and Early maths through shapes)

    7- Make shapes (Shapes, imaginative play and exploration)

    8- Colouring (Teaches early literacy and fine motor development)

    9- Sensoriel sort ( Teaches colors recognition and sensory play )

    10- Flower colouring ( Teaches shape and colour recognition)