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Reward box

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    Because we do not pay our kids for their regular chores around the house, here is a system to help or “motivate” the kids to do their responsabilities happily and quickly. 

    The rewards box include:

    1- A calendar to teach the days of the week, weather, months and seasons.

    2- A behavior chart. to motivate the kids to keep with their daily routine. 

    3- At-home movie experience ticketing.

    4- Cinema Tickets.

    5- Money and coins as rewards and to be used for buying tickets.

    6- Rewards cards to keep kids focused on the good stuff.

    7- Four pop corn paper bowl and four fries paper bowls.

    6- Fantastic removable adhesive to stick the small pieces on the calendar.

    7- Three magnets in case you want to hang the calendar and the chart on the fridge.

    8- Stars and smileys stickers for the behaviors chart.