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Sibling love activity box

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    Nothing is better than sibling love ❤️ it’s the truest and purest !

    If you have more than one child, it’s guaranteed that you’ve experienced sibling rivalry.

    Use this activity box to help your children form a loving bond!

    The box comes with all supplies needed, well done stickers and craft tools.

    All activities below are laminated:

    1- Sudoku Love

    2- Yoga challenge

    3- The wheel of choice

    4- Snake and ladders

    5- Secret confidence

    6-  Game of emotions

    7- Cootie catcher

    8- Scavenger hunt

    9- Heart dot a dot & Heart craft (including paint, coton, clothespin..)

    10- Sensory play with homemade playdough, 2 silicone cup cake mold and supplies