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Numbers activity box - for The little learners kids

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    The Mammy's numbers activity box is a fun hands-on-learning kit full of educational and engaging learning activities to encourage kids little minds to explore, learn and create. 

    Counting, tracing and matching are some of the printables you will receive to help your child recognise and become familiar with common numeracy activities.

    The activity box comes with all supplies needed, well done stickers, a certificate and a zip bag to put your kids favorite activities and take it out everywhere.

    All activities below are already laminated and cutted apart:

    1- Birthday candles (Teaches numbers recognition)

    2- Counting wheel (Teaches counting and numbers matching)

    3- Scoop counting (Teaches tracing, counting and fine motor skills)

    4- Number maze (Teaches pre writing and 1-10 numbers order recognition)

    5- Number tracing 1 - 5 (Teaches pre writing and languages skills)

    6- Number tracing 5 - 10 (Teaches pre writing and languages skills)

    7- Counting puzzle (Teaches problem solving and numbers order recognition)

    8- Matching numbers (Teaches counting and numbers matching)

    9- Shopping cart ( Teaches counting, sorting and matching )

    10- Fruit tree counting ( Teaches counting, matching numbers and fine motor)